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With around 12,000 hits a month, the historic Dandenong market website needed a serious makeover.

Upon an initial discovery session, it was established the old site failed in its objective to convey the vibrancy and individualism of the market. From an admin perspective the CMS was un-flexible and could no longer keep up with marketing and business objectives.

From ugg boots to rugs, lamb shanks and hot jam donuts

Dandenong Market
Dandenong Market

Our team created new information architecture and wireframes detailing all new functionality requirements to meet the business objectives.

We presented a fresh design that allowed users to easily interact with the site. We also refreshed the brands digital look with more vibrant yellows and brighter photography which became a key feature in showcasing the culture and community values of the market. A user friendly CMS allowed admins more flexibility to manage their events and track bookings while also compliment their marketing campaigns and weekly promotions.

Dandenong Market

Delicious food that needs to be explored.

Easy to create and manage events

Complimenting overall marketing strategies

Dandenong Market
Dandenong Market
Dandenong Market